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Hi and welcome to the new home of Shelabbys Wax Tart Melts.  We specialize in hand poured wax tart melts in a large variety of scents.  We take pride in our product and use only the finest paraffin wax and oils available on the market today.  We also carry tart burners both electric and tea light varieties.  We have a retail store located in Elmira, NY that we opened about 9 years ago and love it.  Just pull up a chair, get comfy and enjoy your "web" visit.

We have Lily of the Valley for a limited time only. When they are gone they are gone! CHECK OUT OUR SCENT LIST TO THE RIGHT.

There has been some confusion lately so I want to clear up a few things. If you purchase 10 packs of tarts you will receive a free 6 pack. Do not add it to your cart because the cart will charge you for it. Please add it to the comment section. If you are a customer who visits the store and has a Shelabby's punch card, these are in store cards only and can't be used on the web site. You will only receive your free pack if you buy 10 packs at a time. Second, although I do try to get orders out as soon as possible, we do encounter delays. Shipping will be done and Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. If there is a longer delay for some reason, I will email you and let you know why. Thank you





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